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    TUts on EXPORTING player models to UT2k3? Also mdoel conventions.


    I would like to find some UT2K3 SPECIFIC tuts on exporting player models. Obviously, this will not need to include general modelling tuts (i.e., how to model a zombie freak) but just on the exporting process. Of course, I need to know the model conventions of UT2K3 needs so that I CAN export it (i.e., bounding box size?, poly limits, animation list and frame number? Size of textures etc. etc.)

    Also, I know that you can attach a modelling mesh to any of the default animations in the UT2k3 default models like we did for soldieranim in the original UT. So a tutorial on how to do this "Canned animation" stunt would be nice, and some sample "default skeletons" for me to know the approximate physique would be great too.

    Looking hopefully for the tuts on Maya PLE included in the game, as I know it will have the pluggins all ready, but 3dMax and Maya 4 or milkshape (if that's possible at all) will also do. (Do the pluggins included in the game for Maya PLE work for MAYA 4 as well?)

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    I hate to say it but that site is completely worthless. It tells you how to import the model into the editor and that's it. It doesn't tell you what your player model needs and what files need to be edited in order for the model to appear in the game.

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