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    It is UEd 2 that comes with UT2003 - it's got various updates - like the addition of Matinee stuff, and Static Meshes, but on the whole, it's the same editor.

    Dekieon: Sorry - you can't actually download the editor on it's own - there is only one copy of the information saying what is available to be in the level - and the editor uses the same ones as the games. This means that, to be able to run the editor seperately, you'd need to have a lot of the game content..

    That said, if you grab the XIII editor, you'll be able to learn how to use it.
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    Yes, I'm quite sure they got sure of version number and are calling it just 'Unreal Editor'. Just for sake of clearness it's good to call it 3.0 in occasions like this.


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    What are you talking about???
    I didn't want to download the editor seperately.
    I only posted one message in this thread last friday, saying that I was hoping UT2003 would be out today, cause I wanted to use the editor.

    Maybe you were thinking of someone else, and just got the nicks confused.

    Anyways....I HAVE UT2003!!!!! I've been editing like crazy since I got it. I took a break for awhile and played the game, finished the whole thing in 2 hours, So I went back to editing....I love this editor, it rocks. It's a bit unstable it seems, but it is still great!!!

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