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    It can't find the Sprite class.. My guess is that you may have spelled it lowercase ("sprite") in sprite.h when you defined the class.

    In any case, you have to be patient.. Nobody can expect to be able to just write a program and have it work.. Usually it takes 2-3 times as much work to get a program working than it took to write it. Longer if you're a beginner. It's not at all unusual for it to take days to find a certain bug.

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    vtm are learning video. if monkey see, monkey do - you wont learn anything ive done the game they dont show all the code in the vtms by the why but whats missing is very simple to add in later - if you learnt anything?!?

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    Im guessing you maybe defined it as "sprite" not "Sprite" or something..
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    AGH! Stop the insanity of the resurrecting old thread!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by owensd View Post
    AGH! Stop the insanity of the resurrecting old thread!!
    I just noticed how old this thread was. I woke up this morning, but then noticed that Halma had posted and was confused because I have not seen him for a while... I wish reddc, KM, halma and mr. fish still came here, I have not seen them forever...

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    I think if you buy an education product it should come complete with all the subject matter including code source. Just because you have code source does'nt mean your going to just copy and paste it.

    Also if your not using VC compiler your going to be adding i know and possibly changing certain things. So exampling the code source on a file rather then watching the video 200 times to type out all the code source seems a bit time consuming and not all that great on an educational stand point cause all your learning is how to waste time. Just my opinion

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    since the old thread is already alive again, i will comment on the last part here.

    Typing the code for yourself helps you tremendous amounts to learn the language.
    I have tried so many times at the university that they give us a bunch of sample code, that will run out of the box, and we just copy paste it and the modify. Ask anybody later to write the simple program from scratch and they will have trouble doing the simplest things.

    The reason is simple. Just because you understand something when you look at it, doesnt mean you remember how to do it. So untill you actually code anything your self you will most likely learn next to nothing.

    I think the source code should NOT be available in any form since it has no practical use for a learning programmer. What would you use it for if not copy-pasteing ? Looking at.. well its right there on the screen on the video. Playing with ? Follow the videos and you will not only have the code, but know how it works and thus save time later on when reusing code ect.
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