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    Question Monkey Level Artifacts

    Hi, I am working through Evil Monkeys and having a bit of trouble finding the source of this artifact bug. I am halfway through the level class and it compiles and runs with no errors. If someone could point me in the right direction without giving too much away I would be very appreciative.
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    Ive removed your source - as it forms part of a paid class too.

    Looking at your picture 1 of 2 things come to mind.

    Youve maybe switched x and y round in the display portion hence the garbage at the bottom as if it were say 10x20 you've gone 20 down not 20 across
    your level is of a different size somehow than it thinks it is.

    Best way to decide is to debug it and check
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    Yeah, it looks like you might have switched x and y, but without beeing able to see what you did, I can't help any further.

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