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    Quick start to server installations

    Hi guys.

    Like you chaps, I myself have run into many problems with find compatable mysql and php versions, then finding the right php version for apache.
    As I went further into my job I realised I was waisting time manually installing Apache/PHP/Mysql.
    So for those like me who want to quickly setup thier Apache hosts and get onto the projects at hand, then I suggest you browse for a all-in-one-installer.
    It will do exactly what you do anyway, and plus comunitty keeps with the times.
    I found Xampp helped me alot and saved me hours of server admin.
    Hope it does the same for you, Peace!

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    error log states 050405 22:06:23 [ERROR] Fatal error: Can't open privilege tables: Table '' doesn't exist

    i have error when i run the mysqld and start the services... what should i do? i follow the instruction but it seems theres nothing happen still i have an errror

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    eh.. chris saved me again with his advice to put php.ini in c:\windows.. now, what the hell would i do if not for 3d buzz?

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    It is mysql_query, with a Q, not a g

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    yes ilera THX omg.. how stupid .. and when u think i spent tones of hours trying to get it work )

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