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    Question ### QUestion on texturing and modeling ###

    HI, i have posted around many times and got no responses to my questions. I was hoping in can have them asnwered here.

    I am starting a project where i need to make a kitchen. I need to have a refridgerator, countertop, microwave, toaster and the whole 9- yards, but i'm not too sure where to begin. I have 2 weeks to complete the assignment and would like to know some tutorials for making such items (kitchen based) and how to texture them. If no one can help me fin da tutorial, can they explain it to me here?

    P.S. i am using XSI MOD tool if that helps


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    Most of the object you've described can be done with box modeling. Therefore if you just read up on basic modeling tutorials you should have a good idea what to do. I wouldn\t worry about texturing at this point.

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