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    Introduction and Rules

    Max costs $3500 USD? No way!

    Max is not a second hand video game at EBGames. Nor is Max an application installed on everyones' machine, like MS Word. The animation field is a very small market. That means there are only so many customers to sell to. This fact and the fact that this is professional software that requires a lot of R&D, dictates it's price. If you're 12 years old, no, you can't afford Max. But then again you're not suppose to.

    Is there a free version of Max?

    No, not at this time. There is a 30 day trial, but as of right now there is no learning version available. No matter how much the community would appreciate it, Autodesk has not taken this step (Autodesk are you listening?!?).

    Man, Max is expensive how does anyone afford it?

    If you are a valid student, you can get 3DS Max (and most other software) at a great discount. Contact the one of the following resellers to see if you qualify: (Canada and US) (US) (US)

    If none of these dealers can help you, contact your local Autodesk dealer. They will point you in the right direction.

    Dang man, I’m not a student what do I do now?

    Welcome to the real world. Things in the real world cost money. How do you buy the things in life that you want? Get a job. Heck, get two jobs. Save your pennies. Take out a loan. Get a credit card.

    Wow this dude is selling Max for $20 on eBay! Do you think it’s a legit copy?
    Oooh look at this random fly-by-night website selling “OEM” copies of Max for $20!

    "OEM" versions of Max do not exist! How to spot a fake.

    Are you serious? Do you think a $3500 USD piece of software is going to be sold for $20? Please use your common sense. Of course it’s pirated crap. Don’t support these useless dirtbags. If you give your credit card to these criminals, you deserve to be defrauded.

    Surely I can get an older version of Max for a cheaper price?
    Where can I get the best deal on Max?
    I want to buy a second-hand copy of Max.

    The only version of Max that is available is the current one. Once a new one is available the old ones are retired.There is no cheaper price. There is one and only one price. The price assigned by Autodesk. And since only authentic Autodesk dealers can sell Max, anyone offering Max cheaper, is scamming you. License transfers are only available if a company’s assets include Max licenses. So unless you have the coin to buy an entire company … you are out of luck.

    People still seem confused about what they are paying for when they "buy" software.

    Please read the EULA that comes with your software.

    Software is not a physical object that you can own. You are not purchasing the code itself. If that were the case then you could legally resell unlimited copies of that code to anyone you wanted to. What you are paying for is the permission to use the code. If you buy a piece of software and decide to never open the box, that's your prerogative, but it doesn't mean it's yours to sell. You bought the license (permission), the boxed media is incidental. Without a license you can not run the software, and since licenses are not transferable no one but you can legally operate it. Besides which, most software these days is keyed to a specific machine, requiring you to obtain authorization. Said authorization will require you to purchase a license if you can not prove you are the original license holder.

    What is this subscription thing, and how does it work?

    In simplest terms a subscription is paying for your yearly upgrade ahead of time.

    - Free upgrades, automatically shipped free of charge.
    - Free downloadable video training (the intro DVD's made by Autodesk)
    - Free tools not available until the next full point release. Recent tools included: PFlow, Hair, Cloth and ProBooleans.

    - Extra charge
    - Not available for all types of licenses (the 1 year EDU license)
    - Assumes you intend to continue to use Max

    Although the extra cost upfront is a bit of a bite, it is cheaper than the regular upgrade price. So in the long term it is cheaper. That and the access to the extras mentioned above make a subscription well worth it.

    I don't care what you say. I've never paid for legal software before and I'm not going to start now!

    Well if you're ok with being a thief and a parasite on the industry you're trying to get into, I guess that's your cross to bare. Be aware that if you are stupid enough to talk about your warez on 3DBuzz, you will be banned forthwith.
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    Mention Warez and Get Banned

    It's as simple as that. 3DBuzz has a zero tolerence for warez and the discussion of warez. If you post a link to a warez site or admit to stealing software you will be banned. No exceptions.

    Also in addition to the above, don't stumble into a forum complaining that you can't figure out how to use your new piece of cracked software. There are plenty of us legal users who get annoyed at this. If you didn't pay for it and didn't receive the necessary training materials ... too bad. If you're a legal user contact customer service. If you're not a legal user don't expect any help here.
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    "The potato peelings in the sink, did not turn into vodka as I had hoped." - Mishka Shubaly

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