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    I would like to have a really good understanding of Assembly language and the multimedia instructions like SSE and such.

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    I would like to learn more about network programming, socket programming (well, the two are the same, but hey! ) and at the time beeing I really want to learn database programming... prefferably against a MySQL database (I don't know if there is much of a difference, but again, anyways!)

    Gonna make a tutorial or something?
    That would be very cool!

    (especially one with the postfix .avi )

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    Quote Originally Posted by Notsosuperhero
    I'm goning to say Driver programming too, it seems really cool to know.
    I want to learn some more AI programming.
    Yeah, I'd also like to learn AI programming..
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    I while back I wanted to write a Windows driver (because I was going to have a crack at building a device) anyway writing drivers on Windows requires the Microsoft Driver Development Kit (MSDDK). The Driver Development Kit is a proprietary library which must be bought (it is not free) to be used legally. As I understand it the DDK is not cheap either and like ostamo2 said you can generally download the drivers you need.

    Also, I was just wondering whether anyone here had thought to write their own ray-tracer? Or whether they might consider it if they were provided with a ready planned architecture? Anyway, just some thoughts because they are rather straight forward in that functionality can be added in a step-by-step manner if designed properly. Not to mention it can generate some really nice images.
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    i can do a robotics tutorial using the Robix kit and C.
    im using it because im on the israel team that participates on the robotics olympics.
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    Quote Originally Posted by thedevil
    i can do a robotics tutorial using the Robix kit and C.
    im using it because im on the israel team that participates on the robotics olympics.
    I wish I had the cash to invest in some of that stuff

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    Since many of us already have some experience with Wxwidgets, thanks to "evil monkeys", I would love to see a class on rapid GUI development using dialog blocks.

    I started toying with this and I was blown away with how cool this tool is. It actually makes me excited to goof around with code more.

    One, or maybe two, VTMs would probably get it done.

    Between grinding through OpenGL, Maya fundamentals, and hopefully the upcoming advanced Maya, something fun and light would be nice.

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    dialog blocks is cool

    you can turn out GUI's in a few minutes man...

    you just have to learn the ART of the sizers for wxWidgets man.

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    I have the ddk because I had to do a project for college that need us to write a driver, so our client supplied all the software and hardware we needed. I'd have to say it wasn't fun at all! After I wrote the usb driver, it turned out we couldn't get the hardware to work properly so we ended up using a usb device that already had drivers written for it, might have been a good thing, because debugging a driver is a pain in the a$$!!

    I think database programming and networking would both be useful to learn. But I really like %20's idea of "Large Scale project concepts", since I am now done college and I don't really have much experience with really large projects, or starting a large project from scratch except for my final project in school.
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    I have the 3dfx VSA (voodoo 3, 4 and 5) DDK, lol. I could write drivers for it (if I wanted to subject myself to having to use it again).

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