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    Problem adding static mesh

    Hello have just came accross a problem. When I try to duplicate this static mesh only the pivot point gets duplicated and nothing else so I have to scale each individual static mesh (theres alot!).
    Was just wanting to know if anyone knew why this was happening and how to solve if.

    Cant attach the file at the mo try later if its needed.

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    you can't duplicate a smesh??? All I do is select it in the perspective view port, set the focus to the top view and then press ctrl+w to duplicate it.

    How exactly are you doing it?

    By the way, you can change the scale of mulitple objects at once. Just select them all and then scale (I think it works...haven't tried it but other properties can be changed that way)
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    Am doing it the same way as you have said. Can do it to all my other static meshes but not this one (the one i need over 500 times).

    Did find out that you can change the scale of multipy objects. Alot better now knowing that.

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