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    2D Tutorial Compilation

    Here is a compilation of 2D oriented tutorials i have found around the web. The list contains both Video Training and traditional tutorials from all around the net.
    Should you have any tutorials you find usefull, that arent included on the list, do let me know in a pm, and i will add them to the thread.

    Open Canvas 1.1


    Goros brushes for Photoshop CS
    Ryan Church Painter 6 brushes
    Brushes from Ballistic @ cgtalk
    Brushes from Creativemac
    Linda Bergkvists Brushes

    I Draw Girls
    Anrys Gallery - Walkthroughs and Videos on some images
    Feng Zhu Design - Workshops showing progress through Fengs images with tips
    Robert Chang - Tips on Painter IX, and general painting walkthroughs
    Ryan Church - Good tips on how he works, and also great Painter brushes for download
    3DluVr - Painter exercises and walkthroughs. Tips on using painter to painting skin tones
    Andrew Loomis - Free online books from the master. Free and some of the best drawing books ever... Loomis Mirror download
    Steven Stahlberg cloud painting tutorial
    Khang Le - Walkthrough of painting
    Lucentcanvas - Good marker tutorials
    Polykarbon - Anime tutorials mostly
    Portrait - Awsome site for learning portrait drawing techniques
    Steel Dolphin Tutorials - Good cloud painting tutorials, and photo effects
    TonyCliff - Good coloring tutorials
    Walker Boys Drawing - Video tutorials for drawing comic characters...(Internet Explorer only )
    FARP - Great collection of various tutorials on various techniques
    Anticz - Drawing the human head - Mattepainting tutorials and techniques
    Goro - Making of Hangar 86
    Goro jungle speedpainting video
    5 Min painting reflections (flash) by Goro
    Cell Shading tutorial
    Video Tutorials
    Steven Stahlberg's Tutorials
    Linda Bergkvist - Painting an Eye walkthrough
    Linda Bergkvist Tutorials
    Skin Shading Tutorial
    Anime Art Tutorials
    Dragon Paint Art Tutorials
    How to Draw
    3D Palace Concept Art Tutorials
    Painter IX Introduction by Swoop
    Roberto Campus painting walkthroughs
    Egorson Tutorial
    Draw Through tutorials
    Absolute Cross photoshop tutorials
    Eyeball Design photoshop tutorials Tutorials
    Kathrine Dinger Painting tutorials (great!)
    GFXArtist Tutorials Adi Tutorial
    Inside CG Painting human figure
    Timo Video Tutorials
    GFX^TM Photoshop Tutorials
    Sijun Digital Color and Paint tutorials
    Glen Vippu Drawing Tutorials
    Airbrushing an landscape
    Usefull Painting Shortcuts in Photoshop coloring lineart
    OlegTi's Cards - Painting walkthroughs
    I-Net-GFX Video Painting Tutorial
    Eraser X - Color Flattening Tutorial
    Digital Inking in Illustrator 10
    Digital Painting "janet"
    Undressing Jessica Alba.. photo manip tut (warning nudity)
    Painting from photo
    The basics
    Alot of basic tips on drawing/painting
    Cell Shading tutorial
    Digital Painting 1
    Jeroen - Painting Hair
    Spyros Tutorials page
    "Character Painting" by Randis Albion

    CGTalk tutorial: painting hair by Linda Bergkvist

    Some GIMP Video Tutorials:
    Gimp Expert
    Full Flare
    Use Gimp
    Beginning GIMP: From Novice to Professional by Akkan Peck.
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    2D Tutorials Compilation

    The Speed Painting Thread || ((post your Concept Art thread))

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