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    Problem First Character


    I'm currently editing my first model! I have almost no experience with maya, but with the unrealED i do have some experience (level builder).

    I created a very simple model (I call it the wooden man). Now I made it in maya and when I export it to unreal. What I see on the VTM, is that the model is placed weirdly with its face down. My model doesn't have that. Now they say I need to copy the mesh properties of ThunderCrash, Jakob to my one. My character get's VERY small, and also with his face down. Well, I think that's gonna be over with the animation applying. NOT. So I reïnport it into unrealED, I apply the animations over my standing up model, what do I get?
    Weird looking surrealism stretched thin model. Yes, indeed, very weird. I don't know if any1 else has this problem. I just can't find a solution for it.
    I really want to complete this model, so if anyone needs a file (*.mp) I can give it, and put it on my server, available for download.

    Please help me out!!!

    Thanks, in advance,

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    It sounds like you may have messed with the skeleton in Maya. Make sure you follow these instructions and you shouldn't have any problems:
    You don't want to touch the skeleton if you can help it. If you don't touch it, there should be no problems at all. Each time you alter something you increase the chances of having problems. Small rotations of the bones may (and I say MAY) not cause any problems. That is your best bet if you really have to alter some part of the skeleton. I wouldn't use the move tool or scale tool on individual bones. You really don't want to move, scale, or rotate the whole skeleton at all. The most common mistake is rotating the skeleton from it's position on import to match your model, or scaling the skeleton to match the model. That will almost always cause problems when you put it in UnrealEd. Always try to make any changes to your model so that it fits the skeleton. Everyone thinks that it is more work to alter their model until they have problems and then have to go back and alter it as well as redoing the skinning. So, save yourself some work and try to make your model fit the skeletonas best as you can. Then, make small rotations to individual bones if absolutely necessary.

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    Unhappy Same Problem

    I am having exactly the same problem as you - if you find or have found a solution please post. I will do the same if I can get this working

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    So you've got the same problem. I got it fixed!

    I've got it working now:

    Import the skeleton into maya, and start creating around the skeleton. DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT ROTATE, RESCALE, OR DO ANYTHING WITH THE SKELETON ITSELF. If you've done it good and created the mesh, export it to unrealed (with "underscore to space" option on) and then, open thundercrash, Jakob, press mesh - copy mesh properties, back to your model and press mesh - paste mesh properties. Apply the same animations. And voilá! You're ready, just create a .upl file!

    Greetz, ßeTøñßøøR

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