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    ** Forum Rules - Please Read **

    Forum Rules - Please Read

    Respect Fellow Users: To retain the civility and professional environment here at 3DBuzz, please do not make racist, sexist, insulting, inflammatory, or slanderous comments toward other members.

    No Spam: Replies that have nothing to do with the comments, questions, or artwork posted by the thread starter can degrade the quality of their feedback. Spam posts will be removed.

    No Profanity: Profanity will be edited from thread titles and posts.

    No Warez Talk: This includes but is not limited to talking about and/or sharing links to illegal content, CD cracks, and copywritten material. Violation of this rule could result in a ban from 3DBuzz.

    No Inappropriate VTM Requests: All VTM inquires should go to the Free Video Training Modules forum.

    Do Not Harass The Staff: We will try to be as fair and thoughtful as possible before we make any managerial decisions. Please do not attack the decisions we make in posts, threads, or PMs.

    Repeat offenders of any of the rules listed will be banned.

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