This topic has probably come up countless times before. its probably come up so frequently that a short vtm should be made showing how to do it right!
but basically what I tryed to do was export a ut2k4 model from the Unreal Editor, (which i saved as a .obj file) and import into Maya 6.0 unlimited.

I was told to do it this way but im not sure if its correct,
I did it in these steps :

1. create and xpawn in the editor
2. change the mesh to that of the chosen model
3. click on the xpawn and then go to export under file
4. save it as a .obj
5. go to file in maya, hit import and select it

now i end up with a box in the viewports of maya, (the same results i had when i tried it with PLE version) which i figured to be the box i created to hold the xpawn in.

no idea how to do this. if anyone could explain what im doing wrong or a link to tutorial on how to do this.

Thanks in advance