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    Question Problem animating caharacters

    i modeled a charecter in max and i rigged it, and i import it into motion builder6. I characterised it in MB. I keyframe the motions in full body mode, and when I playback, the character's legs and arms are rotating in a crazy way. I don't know what I'm doing wrong, i checked it in the trejectery, keys are placed in the FK so the character moves one step, the FK rotate 180 in the reverse direction [like the hands also rotating] and come to it position. i am animation controle rig but the FK recive the animation and i dont know how to stop the rotation. But i give input from a motioncapture file means the charecter works perfectly. If i animate if using keyframe means i have these porblem.I hope anyone can explain me please.

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    This is definitely a question for the Max or MotionBuilder forums. You will be more apt to get helpful responses there.

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