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  1. my level is verry laggy - why ? why ? why ?

    i have tried everything to make it less laggy (jumping frames)

    what sould i do ?!?!:weird: :( :meh:

    that's the...
  2. how exactlly do you add vehicles/weapons to ut2004.ini file.

    i need a longer explenetion :weird:
  3. i did copy paste to the s.s.rifle from "bathroom.ut2" - it worked !

    i can't belive it actually worked rofl !!!
  4. demorec - doesn't record new vehicles / weapons

    i just dont see them in the recording

    can i fix that ?
  5. 10x -that helps alot !

  6. animated texture - Photoshop 7.0 dds.8bi plugin

    how do i use this DDS plugin for making a .dxt format animated texture ?
    (i have many .pcx pictures for animation)
  7. 10x you de man !

    this will help me alot :)

    (i don't have the time to learn Matinee)
  8. Super shock riffle- how do i add it to a map ?

    i have asked it a week ago - but mybe no one understood my last text ?!
  9. i am making funny sketches small movies i have written on ut2004

    and when i shoot the recorded demo with a camera (and Fraps) - i can still see the names! .

    when i play another theam member the names disappear - BUT !, i can't give orders ! , and the only way...
  10. no

    it's not under settings :(
  11. Super shock riffle - how do i find it in actors

    is it possible to add it with other weapons to a map ?
  12. can you make your OGG music file -to be a part of a UT2 map ?

    (or- how can they be connected)
  13. how do i make team player names & triangle - disappear !!

    i need to get rid of them
  14. are you cazy !? - i don't have a clue how to begin

    no i don't
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    UnrealEd - all views show white blank !

    i don't know how it happend -(somthing to do with inmorting texture) but all views show white blank !

    is this a known prob ?

    can i reinstall onlly UnrealEd (2004)?
  16. 10x man !

  17. i have posted "WhenPlanetsKiss" ONS and 20 relevent questions -and no star ?

    i have posted "WhenPlanetsKiss" ONS and 20 relevent questions -and i still got no star ?

    i have learnd everything in the past month with the old ut2003editor

    i work with 2004 editor - i have...
  18. creating a vehicle - that looks like a big monster that can run !

    i dont know where to start -

    should i learn "Create Characters" or "Create Vehicles"

    wich is the program for Vehicles (Maya or 3dsm)

    can i just replace one of the vehicles with the new...
  19. 10x percent20 you de man !

    i'm sure glads you know these things :)

    btw- i just wanna do some funny sketches i have written on ut2004 ;->

    if some one wants to be one of the actors in online play i'ma at:...
  20. i need a mode for filming a funny serios with "Fraps"

    i need to be able to change the camera between team mates and zoom

    allso- i would like to asign to every player a button for speache animation (can just muve the head up and doun a little)

  21. "aerial view" & "ninja rope" mutetors dont show - on ut2004

    i had ut2004 - and uninstalled it - "ninja rope" worked ! (sound problem)
    i installed it again - plus the mutetors (i double cheacked the directory !) and now they don't apear on the mutetor list ?!...
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    yep - that took me one hour but it worked

    (i reinstalled)
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    all my win xp app work with sound !!!

    QuickTime Player sound ok
    Winamp sound ok
    Windows Media Player ok

    what the heck is going on here ?
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    Arial View - sucks ! it crashes my ut2004

    yes it does !
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    sound - compleatlly disappeard in ut2004

    sound - compleatlly disappeard - i was adding some mutetors - and it compleatlly - went away !

    i tried everything in the sound settings - but no luck !
    i also - got rid of that "arial view" i...
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