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    Snapping issues?

    I'm trying somthing very simple. Trying to create 2 nulls, and snap a bone to the nulls, via point snapping in the perspective viewport... I have point snapping turned on. But the bone is not...
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    THANKS SO MUCH! that totally worked! I knew that...

    THANKS SO MUCH! that totally worked! I knew that it was automatically pushing the tran into the pretrans and that had to be the issue. I was close but i'm really glad that I asked. now I can finish...
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    Tech Rigging 3 issues?

    HI I'm trying to create a tool that Matches IK to FK in a click of a button, using python. (From the Tech Rigging 3 tuts)
    Everything works great untill I copy the translation information from the...
  4. Houdini Matching FK to IK button crashing issue

    I am in the middle of Houdini Tech rigging 3 (these are fantastic btw). But I am having an issue with the matching the FK to IK button. I have the code written correctly (I think?) and but once I hit...
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