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  1. (course requests) Calculus, Physics and more matrix maths

    would like to see more physics (both programmed and pure physics)
    calculus as well, because its really useful. much more in the way of matrix maths too. i only saw a bit and its really essential for...
  2. (course requests) Calculus, Physics and more matrix maths

    i would like to see some dedicated physics courses, (both programming and pure physics)
    more calculus because its useful and much more matrix maths. i could only see a bit and its essential for any...
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    new here and my summer is now sorted.

    got the c++ and opengl pack, both the c# AI ones, cryengine(to go with the 20000 item strong cryengine humble bundle i got a while ago), and the maths 1-3 pack.

    im second year computer games...
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