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  1. since cryptocurrency become hot trends for other companies. they want to invest on it .in that case, they need a good cryptocurrency development services, who can support them when needed. THey will not busy when their customer has problem or keep blink eyes on them.

    It outsourcing company seem to be a good choice to choose. Simply that they focus on outsourcing services, special healthcare mobile apps, that is really need to be considerations.

    AI Blockchain technology also come a hot topic, these days. You can easy see a good title on news with blockchain, AI or machine learning.
  2. What are the chatbots for customer service? Is this has any advantages than human? What are the point here. Chatbots is developed on AI technology companies. What they can do from it? When AI is grown up in Asia?
  3. Hey I have something for you, if you don't mind. I work for a Vietnam offshore software development company, we provide it services for web app solutions. You know.
    Besides, we also provide it solutions for testing. there are some type of testin. In detail, for blockchain services.
    Now, maybe your question will be " why you need this service?". I get no wrong question here. If you care for technology, for example, Iphone or Android Apps, before an app development Singapore released their apps, they have to test it first.
    Savvycom, be a vietnam app development company provide cheap it solutions. Why savvycom? let me explain it to you.
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