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  1. WHat is the future career you want to become?
    And where do you want to work, as freelancer develoepr or full time developer in software outsourcing companies ?

    Ya, i think it's hard question, because it depend on the salary of these jobs. So, let me tell you the detail.
    If you work as freelancer, you are active in your time, you don't need to go out for working, just sit home and do anything to finshih your job.
    For full time developer, you will have other communication, with high salary, you can build your social skill, that is good.
    One more option, work as blockchain app developer services
  2. How much do you know about how to boosoost your project for outsource app development, offshoring development and other ?

    it outsourcing company
    What is your choice ? What you want to go for your business now. Remember that you only have one answer for that.
  3. What do you know the most about it outsourcing companies? such as the benefits, disadvantages or how to boost power money from it.
  4. What are the chatbots? It's not new term, chatbots is used in many programs, google, business website, facebook pancake, Whatever, we can see that it's used popular. So, why we need chatbots for customer service ? What are the advantages of it that is better than human.

    With the hot of this industry, ai company is founded with AI labs and profession team for developing it. They also established AI department for researching and machine learning. They created so smart robots, chatbots, autoclick bót, that make cutting down revenue of big giant like google, amazon or other type of advertisement. And, they,companies that outsource it[/B][/B], who has best development team, with friend and loyalty.
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