Update on Jason

Hi everyone,

An overdue update on Jason. Chemo has been largely unsuccessful and has been discontinued. The hospital is using radiation treatment on the largest tumor that’s causing the most unbearable pain. They have him back on a PCA pump for pain. Recently they have also done a nerve block surgical procedure to help with the nerve bundle being impacted by one of the tumors. He also received an epidural as a precursor to a surgically implanted internal pain pump. None of the news is great as far as his condition, I wish I could deliver better. On a brighter note, they have managed to get a handle on some of his pain and get it back to at least bearable levels. There’s high hope that some of the recent procedures will get it under much better control than recently.


Thank you to everyone for your continued support and outpouring of love to Jason. You all continue to be the best!

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