Update on 3D Buzz

The last year+ has certainly been a trying one. With everything happening with the Busby’s, illnesses, staff changes, etc. it has seemed an impossible hill to surmount. So much so, that previously we had announced consideration of many options from selling 3D Buzz to shutting it down, to opening it up for student training participation. There are a lot of hills to climb yet, but on the corporate side things are coming together.

I’m happy to announce that 3D Buzz isn’t going anywhere. Well, anywhere but up!

It is no longer being considered for trade, sale, or compromise. We have our feet back under us and will be returning to our roots providing the highest quality training available in the world’s of VFX, Game Development, and Programming.

The site is currently under complete redesign, as well as a more targeted and complete approach to training. More announcements and some teaser pics will follow shortly.

Looking forward to getting back to what we do best, the way we’re known for doing it. We love all of you for continuing to support us and show your love for the community.


Angie, Steve, and Nelson

(As well as the occasional guest instructor)

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