Jason’s fight with stage 4 cancer


Hi everyone,

I’m sending this out to ask everyone, and I mean everyone, to give me a hand. Since finding out about Jason’s illness, I and a few of the art students have been working on a little project to run a fundraiser to help out with the astronomical expense of Jason’s treatment.

It’s my hope to not only fund his treatment beyond the meager insurance coverage but to make sure their family has the resources to continue forward with everything in life, including getting 3D Buzz back on track.

So, I’m calling out to everyone not as a prior instructor, but as a member of the art community. Please help me achieve this small miracle for them.

When things like this come along, it’s all too easy to say “I’ll catch it when I get paid next week” or “plenty of others will help, I can’t right now”. I know, I’ve done it before too. But for me, this is different. The Busbys, and other instructors have given so much to the whole world for a decade and a half. Rarely with a large base of subscribers, and always run as a small family business.

But free members? Hundreds of thousands over the years, half a million or so by my closest look at email databases. That is so much good put out there! Heck, 2D games in Unity has 327,000 views just on Youtube!

Neither Jason or Angie would ever ask the community of this. They remained, until now, unaware of what I was up too. But I do mean to ask. Plead if I have to. Think of what JUST the 3D Buzz community could accomplish if everyone pitched in! Let alone the art and programming communities at large!

So I’m asking. Please follow the link below and donate whatever you can today! Don’t let life get busy and have it fall forgotten at the wayside. And please, share the fundraiser everywhere you can think up!


Thank you to everyone for your donations, time, and consideration. Thanks as well, in advance, for tolerating how much I’ll bug the world about this. I know we can do it!


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