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    Fundraising campaign for Nelson / 3dbuzz


    Seeing how Nelson is offering his time for private teaching I was wondering if anyone is willing to take it to the next step of actually raising the money needed for him (and 3dbuzz) to produce or continue a tutorial in that "private" time.

    It could be a live class, classic tutorial or the time needed to redo the site. Sort of like the member sponsorship deal but more on the line of a fundraiser.

    If this is something 3dbuzz is ok with, I will kickstart it with an initial 350 dollars pledge. The money will be sent to to a indiegogo / kickstart campaign, to 3dbuzz or to Nelson directly once they say that the sum we raised is enough for producing something that helps them pay the bills in the near future.

    The bottom line is that I have said many times this site was really of help to me. This is my way of saying my thanks to them in a, imho, proper form.

    This is inspired by the campaign made for godot on kickstarter.

    Another more important inspiration was the selfless, from my pov, things that Mr Busby done which pushed some of us to pursue targets.


    I don't have a plan on how the money will get raised. In the meantime I propose that if you are interested write what you are willing to pledge or support this and have it sort it afterwards by 3dbuzz / Nelson.
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    If Nelson/3DBuzz is committed to creating tutorials on Godot and making them publicly available, similar to the GDquest tutorials, I will back a campaign for sure. I personally have no interest in C#, but with it becoming a first-class language in Godot 3 and it being a popular language in game development communities, it would be a great thing to make learning resources for it more readily available.

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    I am adding another 10 dollars to this. So this gets to 360 dollars at the moment.

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