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    Anyone playing any new games?

    Hey guys! I was wanting to see if anyone was gaming and if so what are you playing? What device you playing on? Would you recommend it?

    I'm currently trying out a game on my Nexus 7 called Heroes of Destiny. Once I've played it a bit, I'll update and let you guys know how it plays.

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    I'm pretty much only playing Rocket League at the moment.
    Most videogames fall flat for me now.

    The last few i played are

    The last Guardian - Follow up to Ico, and Shadow of the collossus on the ps2 (two of my all time favourite games)
    Resident Evil 7 VR (only fun cause of VR, crap game in reality)
    Abes Oddysee (original) - Replaying due my love for the world, design and character.
    Hitman Absolution I like my games to be hard, with no hud and no assists (NO see-through walls! ARGH!)
    Chivalry - I played this online with a dude i follow who was livestreaming. Great to hear his reactions. fun Action/Reaction game.
    Arma 3 - Great army game with complex control over everything from stance to loadouts. I always play on Invade & Annex. 100 players, against a continent of AI bad guys. group into squads, and mark an lz for your helicopter pilot to hopefully get you to it to save the day request evac. If you get a good Squad Leader, this mode is amazing. Even a bad one is fun sometimes, as long as you're all talking to each other and have a coordinated plan of attack.

    The games I'm most looking forward to are... *crickets*

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    About the only new game I've played is "What Remains of Edith Finch" I have a few minor quibbles about it but I've enjoyed it so far.

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