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    TeamCity Deploy Website

    Ok so I finished all the videos up to upgrading photon part 1 which I haven't done.
    So I am trying to deploy the website and changed the settings in the teamcity MSbuild step to MSbuild version: MS build tools 2015 and MSbuild Tools version 14.0 this works on all the other builds but not the website.

    I get the following error.
    [Exec] EXEC (3/11/2017 3:17:50 AM) An error occurred when the request was processed on the remote computer.
    [Exec] EXEC An error occurred when reading the IIS Configuration File 'MACHINE/REDIRECTION'. The identity performing the operation was 'DESKPROD\deploy'.
    [Exec] EXEC Filename: \\?\C:\WINDOWS\system32\inetsrv\config\redirection .config
    [Exec] EXEC Cannot read configuration file due to insufficient permissions

    [Exec] at Microsoft.Web.Deployment.IAppHostConfigManager.Get ConfigFile(String bstrConfigPath)
    [Exec] at Microsoft.Web.Deployment.AdminManagerWrapper.GetCo nfigFile(String path)

    I have gone so far as to set permissions for depoy, teamcity and IIS_IUSRS
    on following config folder and redirection.config file but still not getting a success.
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    This link matches your error pretty closely

    Not just the folder permissions, but also the owner.

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