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    XNA Cannon1

    I've been following the videos for Cannon1 and after finishing Phase 1 - Mechanics, I've realized when debugging the window is smaller than it should be. In the form1 properties I've set window size to be 640, 480.

    Edit: I've just noticed if I change the size in properties the window will stay the same size regardless.

    Edit: Here's a screenshot of what my cannon1 looks like.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Are you resizing the form size in your code perhaps ?
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    check if the constants SCREEN_WIDTH and SCREEN_HEIGHT are correct and check if you didn't flip them around when you set the ClientSize.

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    Thanks guy, I finally found the problem This is where I went wrong.

            public Form1()
                this.ClientSize = new Size(SCREEN_HEIGHT, SCREEN_HEIGHT);
                random = new Random();

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