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    (FBX SDK - Mac) Warnings?

    I seem to have managed to conjure about 200 linker warnings that all pretty much revolve around the same concept:
    Apple Mach-O Linker
    Direct access in __GLOBAL__l_a to global weak symbol (Insert FBXSDK-2012 code here) means the weak symbol cannot be overridden at runtime. This was likely caused by different translation units being compiled with different visibility settings.
    After a bit of searching, I was unable to find a solution, or even a point in the right direction, for that matter. To reiterate, yes, these are only -warnings-... but that doesn't any less mean they need to go.

    I receive no warnings whatsoever in Visual Studio on Windows.


    PS: One such insertion is:

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    Alrighty, this looks to be solved. After a bit of searching, a couple of suggestions were thrown out for Boost libraries and they didn't seem to work... but then I started fiddling with different settings afterward, and got curious enough to find out if this App would compile for Mac 10.4 (And yay, it does), and kept looking while the project rebuilt. It was still at 200 linker warnings, and then... I changed the Mach-O type to Executable in the Project settings, which seemed to make them all... disappear.

    This post just in case it might help someone else who might run across (Or maybe even currently is waiting for a response for) a similar, or same, problem.

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